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The Best 3 Angular Conference Talks this Year

Earlier this year I was privileged to be able to help put on ng-conf Hardwired, a last-minute, seat of our pants scramble to turn an in-person conference into an online conference that was all duct tape and baling wire behind the scenes, but turned out great for the audience.

Anyway, I thought I'd just put out there that there were a few talks given at the conference that were truly epic and are absolute must-sees. These are pretty Angular-centric, FYI.

So here's my list in no particular order:

  1. Farewell Entry Components by Yvonne Allen. Yvonne, who happens to be a Thinkster author, gave one of the most unique talks I've ever seen at a conference. It's not your typical lecture, but instead, a fake newscast where she discusses new features in Angular 9. It's as informative as it is entertaining. Go check it out.
  2. Resilient Angular Testing - Jaw-Dropping Magic Tricks by the Magnificent Shai Rezniko. As the name implies, this is another one of those talks that has to be experienced to be understood. It's got great information on Angular unit testing and is again a fully entertaining talk.
  3. How Ivy Will Improve Your Application Architecture. Manfred Steyer is one of the superheroes of Angular. His in-depth technical knowledge is nearly unsurpassed. This talk lays out some of the ways that the new Ivy engine will affect your Angular applications. Be sure to get rid of any distractions, this is a deep and esoteric talk.

So if you get some time, be sure to check out these talks.

Happy coding!

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