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The emoji web components you never thought you need

Binh Bui
growth-hacker@vaadin. He has tested 700 web components and is the author of the series "Web Components Wesnesday"
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This July 17th, let us celebrate the World Emoji Day by looking at some of the coolest emoji web components by notwaldorf, our Emoji Ambassador 👩🏻‍✈️

🌧 emoji-rain 🌧

This funky component is gonna pour down a heavy rain of emojis. It's mesmerizing, colorful and beaujiful (Get it?).

Source codeDemoCodePen

📚 emoji-selector 📚

emoji-selector features a large set of emojis. It provides users with a "Recently Used" windows, like how it is in most smartphone keyboard, and this is extremely handy if you're a ❤️ or 🔥 spammer.

Source codeDemoCodePen

✨ emojillate ✨

emoji + pixellate = emojillate - It translates any picture to full-text of emojis, so you can even share it with people by simple copy & paste. Check out the CodePen demo for a surprise.

Source codeDemoCodePen

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