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Web Components statistics in 2017

This article is the last story in the series "Testing 696 Web Components". The statistics in this article covers many topics: the number of components published on, distribution of components based on its libraries, working and non-working components, and some more interesting stats.

Note: These statistics were yielded roughly a year ago. Some of them might become irrelevant in the current day.

300 elements in 3 months. That's an impressive number.

Let's break those numbers down:

  • Polymer consistently accounts for more than 90% of the published elements. It's evident that Polymer is dominating in the scene of web component libraries.
  • An impressive number of ~100 custom elements are published each month.
  • The most notable change here is the distribution of Polymer 1 and 2 components. Polymer 2 has a surge of 278 elements while Polymer 1 roughly stays the same.

Out of 696 tested elements, here is how many are functioning

Heads up! Every working component has its own live demo and screenshots for you to try in Vaadin Directory.

Browser Compatibility

Out of 489 working elements, here's how many that works in each browser:


Without any doubts, things have been revolving in favor of web components. More companies and technologies are betting on it. I hope you enjoy the series. If you have not read the previous two, here they are:

If you have any question regarding testing web components, feel free to PM or send me an email. Thanks for reading!

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