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Chapter 1: Building my first full scale app.

So, you see those 4 hashtags I put there, yeah, that pretty much sums up what tech-stack I would be using for this application I am going to build. I would be blogging my entire journey from start to finish.
Hi my name is Aditya Singh, if you want to know more about me here's my LinkedIn, but I won't force you to open my LinkedIn, so in short I work as a full-time ReactJS developer in Hyderabad, India. 😄

So, I have a general idea about what my application would do, I haven't gotten around to making all those complete wireframes and charts and all yet. But, I am working on it.

So, about the tech stack I would be using to build this application.

  • React JS for client side. Why? Coz, I don't know any other framework, plus I am a full-time React developer so, I am confident at it. There are a million articles out there debating what framework is better than other, but what I have noticed in practice, is that companies use whatever works for them, and half of the time, those are like 3-4 years old frameworks. Main thing is to get the product out into the market. Users don't care about tech stack. If I can make a more usefull app with frameworks which litrally noone uses, it would be more profitable than coding a really shitty app with all the latest and best framework.

  • Nest JS for server side. To be specific, I need to use typescript as javascript for server side won't cut it, as the app I am going to build would be big and if typescript helps me avoiding silly errors here and there, you bet I am going with it. Why NestJS? Well because it provides a clear cut way of how it wants the application to be structured saving me time and effort of making my own project structure, so I focus on buisness logic of the app.

  • Prisma Client for database.

  • Docker to containerize my application and then finally deploying it to AWS or GCP I am not sure yet, what I am going to use, well we'll see how it goes.

And last but not the least, Pactum JS for testing. Testing is important folks, DO NOT SKIP TESTING.

So, let me put my headphones on, pull up Spotify on my phone, and drink plenty of water (remember to stay hydrated my dear people), let's get to the, 🥁🥁 ..drum roll ..🥁🥁, you guessed it, Phase 1 of my journey the ✨Designing my application✨.

I'll share everything I came up with in chapter 2 of my what I hope is going to be a weekly blog. Woohoo, it's 1AM already? Well looks like i am going to pull an all nighter on this one. Sigh.

Anyways, untill next time. Bye. Bye.

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