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Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi

My friend had developed a proxy server in PHP as a part of his semester project. We both discussed the project and realised that this simple project gave us an opportunity to learn and apply real world concepts as opposed to letting a wonderful proxy server decay as just a proxy for grades.

Enter, Kubernetes.

I had been personally looking up Kubernetes to understand and hopefully experiment with it for a while, however without an application to deploy, my theory was ineffective. So we decided to deploy my friend's Proxy Server application on his Raspberry Pi. This allowed us to simulate the experience of accessing an actual cluster as opposed to Minikube which would be dependent on our machines being up all the time.

It wasn't complicated at all. We dockerised and tested the application on RaspberryPi and Docker. Following which the Kubernetes deployment was a walk in the park.

Read more about the application and deployment here

Thank you!

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