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Array Methods in JavaScript

Basically, Array is a data structure that is used to store a collection of elements and an index is used to uniquely identifies an element. Arrays in JavaScript are created by using the Array class of a window object. Also, the length of an array or element type is not fixed in JavaScript. Here, I will discuss some of the methods that we can use in arrays.

Creating an array

In JavaScript, one array can hold up different types of elements. Using the array literal is the easiest way to create an array.


Adding, removing, and accessing elements

Using the push method we can add elements to the end of the array and the pop method removes elements from the end and returns the element.


Also, unshift and shift methods are used to add and remove an element from an array. unshift method adds elements to the array from the beginning and the shift method removes elements from the beginning also returns the element.


Then using an index we can access a specific element in the array, by mentioning the index inside the square brackets, array indexes are starting from 0.


Iterating through an array

Here, we are going to discuss two methods to iterate through an array, forEach, and map. In forEach method will execute the given function once in all the elements in the array. In this case, the arrow function contains the console log statement.


map method will execute the given function once in all the elements in the array and returns a new array. This will not modify the existing array.


Some useful other methods

In this section, we are going to talk about some useful methods that frequently used in arrays. The filter method is used for filtering elements by certain rule or rules in the callback function which is passed on. Based on that rule element gets selected or deselected. This also will not modify the existing array instead returns a new array. In this case, the below piece of code will return a new array excluding number 2.


The sort method will sort the array and the default sort order will be ascending. This method converts elements strings before comparing. Also, the sort will modify the existing array.


Lastly, we are going to discuss about find method, This will search the array elements and returns the first element that matches to condition given in the callback function. If it does not find the values, it will returns undefined.


If you are curious to know more methods this article will help you out.

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