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How's the product you're working on architected?

First of all I want to introduce myself to this community. I already have some nice articles to read later when I find some time and commented in a few posts here.

I'm from Portugal where I live since I was born and have 3 years of professional experience and almost 10 counting the academic years trying to fiddle with ASP (without the dot net). After failing that class, at the retry, PHP appeared with the AMP stack stayed with me until I started working and got to learn AngularJS (without touching the Java backend). 1 year later I switched companies and got to work properly with AngularJS integrated in Oracle infamous HTP. After another switch and a side project that is still in the making, I found myself making removing the JS in Angular and using a EAN stack with Postgres, with native mobile apps on the side accessing the API.

The intent of this post is to share the architecture of a product you're working with. This interaction would show how diverse and complex a product or a SaaS could be, and would help me and you see what stacks and integrations you're doing and see and evaluate if there are improvements to make to our product's architecture and I think mine could be improved.


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Tiago Magalhães Author

Here's the architecture of a side project I'm developing and briefly mentioned in the post

  • / pointing to an institutional website for detailing the product and plans.
  • /app for the app built in Angular served statically by nginx.
  • `/api for the API and backend. Built with Express, passportJS, Sequelize and Postgres and connection to Firebase for FCM currently. is served by pm2 and reversed proxied by nginx.

The API has a connection for an Object storage service for file serving and management.

The mobile apps built with Kotlin and Swift accesses the API to obtain files and has Firebase connection for Notification (FCM) purposes.

Below is a 5 minute diagram on