What's your number one underrated VSCode extension?

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I have recently seen quite a few articles showcasing VSCode setups. But they're mostly featuring popular plugins most of which I came across alread.

That's why I'm interested in your favourite obscure, lesser known or just plain awesome plugins. Self promotion welcome! ✨

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May be polacode

github.com/octref/polacode very helpful in sending snippets of your code

auto close tag and auto rename tag are also good extensions that are sometimes underrated.


For me it's Console Wrapper, highlight any variable and hit Ctrl + Shift + Q and it will wrap the variable in a console log.
Bonus point, if you have a variable in your clipboard, it will wrap that variable if you haven't selected anything


I'm not sure if its ok to call 352k download as "underrated", but I believe Live Saas Compiler worth mentioning when compared to its capabilities and importance.


Definitely Quokka! Really useful for scamping up functions before dropping them into a bloating codebase. I use it a lot!



This one really interests me because I've watched the "Fun Fun Function" guy use it to treat VS Code as a kind of super repl.


😁 I'm pretty sure I found it from one of those videos! MPJ is awesome!


I have been using ”bashdb” to step through git-secret a bash script wrapper to encrypt stuff in git using GnuPG tools. You can literally step though a complex bash script with Visual Studio Code and I found dead code and an old bug in the first step through.


Two that I took a while to stumble upon, and which I really like today are:

  • Quick and Simple Text Selection: easy selection for code within quotes, parenthesis, etc. Super time saver and allows me to stay as much as possible on the keyboard
  • TabNine: great at recognizing patterns and guessing what I want to type.
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