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Zach Sherman for Timber

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Timber is Hiring a Developer Advocate

More about you

Our ideal candidate for this role should have a background in software development, moderate proficiency in at least two programming languages, and a respectable understanding of the practical challenges teams face during implementation. You get excited about new technologies, keep up with the latest trends in development, contribute to open source, participate in community events, and love meeting with software teams to help them grow and solve problems. You appreciate a well thought out API, clear and concise documentation, and generally have a high bar for what a great development experience should be.

Highlights of the role

As an early member of the team, you’ll have a profound impact on what we build, how we grow and interact with developers, and how we solve important problems for teams around the world. You’ll work closely with our product and engineering team to help us excite, involve and delight customers. You’ll run community engagement events such as hackathons, talks, giveaways, startup programs and more. You’ll get to build meaningful, long-term relationships with our customers and help them grow. You’ll get to travel and attend your favorite conferences and events, speak, and get to explore and experiment with cutting edge technologies.

Perks & benefits

  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Commuter benefits
  • Unlimited education budget
  • Beautiful, spacious office in Brooklyn
  • Gym reimbursements

Key responsibilities

  • Educate and assist developers who want to build applications with Timber through technical content, sample applications, presentations and blog posts
  • Serve as a technical ally to developers in helping them monitor their applications
  • Participate and run technical conferences, events and hackathons
  • Build relationships with individuals and organizations who support and inspire developer communities
  • Communicate new features and launches to our community and customers
  • Improve developer onboarding (documentation, walkthroughs, CLIs)
  • Help run our content strategy (podcasts, articles, tutorials and more)
  • Contribute to our open source initiatives and packages
  • Identify growing opportunities in the developer space where Timber can solve problems


  • 2-3 years development experience with at least two programming languages
  • Experience deploying applications with AWS services, Azure services, Google Cloud platform or other cloud services
  • History of participation in open source developer communities, through contributions or other leadership activities
  • Technical writing skills demonstrated by past blogging, or other written work
  • Presentation skills as demonstrated by past speaking experience
  • Passion interacting with the developer community, through their networks and at events
  • Excellent writing and communication skills

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plurson profile image
Plur Son

Heya Zach, does this person need to be in NYC?

zach profile image
Zach Sherman

Hey Tommy, it's not a hard requirement but is preferred.

malgamves profile image
Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Gosh am I late to the party. Is the position filled?

ingriderickson profile image

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