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Comparing and Medium - Interest of Audience?


I started my Twitter recently (no kidding, I always joined social network very late), the problems I found for Twitter (as a main blog/content system) are:

  • Content Limit to 250 Characters, which it means you have to cut your own content, and sometimes, I really want to write something longer, like 250 words instead of 250 characters.
  • No edit after post, as a non-English speaker, it was quite easy for me to make some language mistake, a feature to edit the post is a real top feature request for me. vs Medium

This is why I started to write on and medium. Recently I started to compare these two platforms, these are what I found so far.

Medium Stats
Medium Stats

Comparison Table

Question Result Note
Which Platform's users like more tech stuff? Medium This is very surprising, I assumed Architecture related post would be more popular on, but actually the one about culture and feedback was more popular on, the post about architecture was more popular on medium. On Medium, the post for hexagonal architecture has 1k read, on it got 250.
Which is easier to gain followers, and interactions from audience? Through these two articles, about new 50 followers on, while 16 new followers on Medium
Which is easier to get (re-)tweeted? really tweet articles on Twitter, I got 2 or 3 articles were tweeted by community twitter account.


blogging cat

Both and Medium are great content maker platform, is more a community, therefore, they will tweet your post, and users like to follow each other. On the other side, Medium is more a blog platform, they have more users as well, hence, more technical posts are easier to be seen.


Is this result accurate?
No, it is not, because the data is so small. 😁

  • This result was gained from 2 posts only.
  • The traffic for the posts were small.

Then why you post it?

  • Just for fun. 😎
  • Tried to summarize things at a stage in case forgetting in the future

Some other interesting topics?


These are the two posts I made on and medium.

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Christophe Colombier

Thanks for sharing such feedback. I was wondering too.

I also started using for the reasons your raised. I prefer using it's more convenient and the community is more active.

ahmedjaad profile image

I know you mentioned that the sample size is very small, but nonetheless this is very helpful. I want to start a new challenge of writing technical articles and making the choice of which platform to start with really occupied my mind. I will follow your approach of writing to both platform and observe the result myself.