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Takumon for TIS Ventures, Inc.

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Biometric Signature ID in VR payment use case

We are proud to announce that TIS exhibited a VR payment demo application powered by Biometric Signature ID(BSI) at the exclusive invitation-only 16th JCB World Conference held in Hawaii on 16 and 17 October.


Environment and Challenges around VR/AR

As like People's life was dramatically changed by Web/Mobile technologies, the same change is taking place in VR innovation.

As Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, declared "The time is Now" at Oculus Connect 6, recent VR/AR industry's evolution is remarkable. There are many topics, small and reasonable hardware devices like Oculus Quest, killer contents like Beat Savor, AR development eco-system by Apple/Google, and enlargement of the enterprise market...

TIS, the leading company of financial systems in Japan, has started thinking about a payment system in VR. Currently, the main challenge in VR is about UI. Many practices have been introduced; for example, tracking motions, showing displays, and a character inputs. but no best solution has yet emerged. Although further discussions are needed to share a common vision of the future payment system, No practical method has been stable to realize smooth purchases in VR content so far.

Overview of Demo

We have exhibited a concept model solving this problem simultaneously sustaining robust security at the conference.

It is frustrating to input conventional passwords or PINs in VR space. Biometric information like fingerprint, face or iris is difficult to capture without attaching sensors. Besides, if it is stolen once, it cannot be changed easily and re-used.

Therefore, TIS integrated BSI's signature recognition technology into VR EC's check out procedure. The "signature" is widely regarded as a primitive card payment experience only in the real world; however, this technology is a biometric authentication based on machine learning that learns users' writing speed, order, and behavior, patterns, that has realized 99.97% protection against imposters and 98% true user approval.

Due to the authentication system being a combination of knowledge-based and biomatric-based, it is still difficult to crack even if the signature was stolen, because imposters can’t duplicate the drawing patterns.

Although some training will be necessary (please remember when you trained using keyboard, mouse, and touchpad), users will soon get used to signing in VR space, making their digital signature as their own trademark while having an enjoyable experience.

Our Vision

We hope to realize a secure and frictionless VR payment experience for users, and a simple VR payment system for merchants. It could be a service like Stripe in VR space.

Currently, this is a just prototype connected with the authentication system. However, we received great feedback from the conference and are convinced that this technology has a capability for this vision. As a next step, we are looking for a partnership move on actual use.
(NOTE in diagram Auth response is correct spelling)


We are looking for:

  • VR contents developer looking to integrate a payment system into their product
  • Retail company looking to start VR store
  • Payment company looking to provide new service to their merchants
  • Company looking to integrate a robust authentication system based on both knowledge and biometrics

If you find any interest int this demo, let us discuss the possibility of collaboration.

About Biometric Signature ID

Biometric Signature ID, based in Dallas, Texas, is the leading developer of biometric ID authentication software solutions using multi-factor authentication(MFA).

The company’s patented core technology is its gesture biometric authentication technology BioSig-ID™. This solution requires no hardware or software downloads and authenticates users by capturing their uniquemovements (gestures) as they draw a four-character password with their finger or mouse.

BioSig-ID identifies legitimate users within 99.78% accuracy while stopping imposters who already know the password within 99.97% accuracy. BioSig-ID can be deployed at any layer to gate access to any content or asset and includes a suite of forensic and reporting tools using AI, that detects and provides real-time warnings of potential fraud.


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Chad Steen

Very sleek. A natural way to use biometrics in VR without any special hardware!! Will make buying things in virtual spaces so much more secure.