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Nest JS Advanced Course Coming up

Nest JS Advanced Course Coming up

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Hi Guys

I am Tarun ( I am writing nestjs for last 3 years and I have posted many tutorials on nestjs

Its time for advanced series on nestjs

Nest JS Advance Series Course Agenda

  • Nest JS Microservices Setup -01

  • Nest JS DTO Validation

  • Nest JS Config Module

  • Nest JS CI/CD Setup with Heroku

  • Nest JS Migration Setup with Knex

  • Nest JS API caching

  • Nest JS with External Services Like Kafka and Elastic Search, or any database or Redis

  • Nest JS with Azure or S3 for upload and download files

  • Nest JS with SQS and SNS

  • Nest JS with Redis

  • Nest JS with other Microservices

  • Nest JS Request/Response Handling.

  • Nest JS handling Middleware for Routes

  • Nest JS Custom Response Interceptor

  • Nest JS Swagger for all type of Response and Error Codes

  • Nest JS with Rabbit MQ Microservices

  • Nest JS Logging on Heroku

  • Nest JS CQRS @nestjs/cqrs

  • Nest JS CRUD using @nestjs/crud

  • Nest JS Types of Tests cases

  • Nest JS with Graphql

  • Nest JS with Prisma and Graphql

  • Nest JS with TypeORM or Sequelize

  • Nest JS with Prisma ORM

  • Nest JS with Sequelize ORM

  • Nest JS with External services

  • Nest JS with Dynamic Modules

  • Nest JS with Mongoose for API development

  • Nest JS with Rollbar for External error Logging

  • Nest JS auth and authz

  • Nest JS Dynamic Modules

  • Nest JS security

  • Nest JS with Nest JS Microservices Kafka, Grp, Rabbit MQ

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