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GitHub Actions for GitLab (OSS)


My Workflow

I implemented GitHub Actions for GitLab Development Kit quality assurance on macOS device, which is available at .


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Yaml File or Link to Code

{% github tnir/gdk-mac-testing-kit %}
{% github %}
{% gitlab %}

Additional Resources / Info


Since early 2018, I have suggested to use GitLab CI/CD for external Git repositories, more specifically one called as GitLab CI/CD for GitHub, simply GitLab CI for GitHub. 1, 2, 3, [unpublished source]

By the end of 2019, at GitHub Universe 2019, GitHub Actions went from Beta to General Availability, so I could use this for Linux/Windows and macOS environment.

As a community (quarterly) Hackathon organizer of GitLab, GitLab Development Kit (GDK) is crucial to make hackathons successful. Many developers use macOS on their MacBook's, but the instruction documentation has not been tested continuously.

As the latest Hackathon was scheduled on 2020-09-02/03, I started to verify the entire document of GDK on GitHub Actions on 2020-08-12. At that time it was still valid through on Actions and my local environment. But a few hours later on it, it was suddenly broken. (...snip... no time to write down everything happened during the Hackathon event)

So on the Hackathon days, we spent 30 person-hours through the 3 days. If we had fully setup it, this Action would help us save 20-30 hours in total.

Even after GitHub Actions X Dev Hackathon, I will improve this Actions for the upcoming Hackathon ♥️

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