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GitLab diff color system

GitLab recently allows every user to modify colors in diff.

I have used the default values with Monokai syntax highlight for 7 years at

My preference on used for 7 years

However, today I found these are not perfectly configured and so I need to change it soon.

What color have used for it for 7 years?

  • deletion: #c87872
  • addition: #678528

What color should I use for it from today?

For light theme, I can choose:

  • deletion: #FFEBE9
  • addition: #E6FFEC


As I use GitHub as well as GitLab, the colors in both should be the same if possible.

Ciao! 👋

References from GitHub (as of 2022-07-13)

--color-diff-blob-addition-num-bg: #CCFFD8;
--color-diff-blob-addition-line-bg: #E6FFEC;
--color-diff-blob-addition-word-bg: #ABF2BC;
--color-diff-blob-deletion-num-bg: #FFD7D5;
--color-diff-blob-deletion-line-bg: #FFEBE9;
--color-diff-blob-deletion-word-bg: rgba(255,129,130,0.4);
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GitHub's diff color as of 2014

Image description


Image courtesy of GitHub:

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