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Oiii! JS - images and videos viewer for your site

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Oiii! JS is a small and lightweight library that allows you in semi-automatic mode to add a beautiful modal window for viewing images and YouTube videos in just 1 minute.

And as it is alternative to LightBox (created by Lokesh Dhakar) and as I say small and lightweight (15 times!), it is use 0 dependencies (no jQuery) and support all latest modern browsers.

Current features:

  • open images
  • open videos
  • support thumb, preview and original links to images
  • allows you to open video at youtube and image as original in new tab

Small demo in gif:

more demos at project page

How I can use it?

All instructions available at:

Also library can be used without building, just through jsDelivr.

Updates and features

Updates coming as I have time.
Anyone can request new feature using PR at GitHub (but I will think about it).
Roadmap with feature updates here:

Thank you for reading this! I hope it will useful library for you.

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