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Running Wordpress locally with Docker

tomastley profile image T(h)om ・1 min read

I've been doing several Wordpress sites recently, and I've been using Docker to manage this on my local machine. Over time I made some improvements to the process, and I decided to share my Docker build I use that I find useful. It may not fit everyone's needs, but certainly, to get started with a local build, it works well.

How it works

(straight from the repo's readme)
Setup will do the following:

  • Build Wordpress Docker container
  • Build MySql Docker container
  • Downloads the Sage template and install via composer
  • Install template dependencies via Yarn
  • Compiles assets via Yarn
  • Install an SSL Cert
  • Get the latest database from the remote (if not a new build)
  • Update database paths
  • Get uploads from the live site. (if not a new build)

I hope this helps.

Link to the repo

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