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Running Wordpress locally with Docker

I've been doing several Wordpress sites recently, and I've been using Docker to manage this on my local machine. Over time I made some improvements to the process, and I decided to share my Docker build I use that I find useful. It may not fit everyone's needs, but certainly, to get started with a local build, it works well.

How it works

(straight from the repo's readme)
Setup will do the following:

  • Build Wordpress Docker container
  • Build MySql Docker container
  • Downloads the Sage template and install via composer
  • Install template dependencies via Yarn
  • Compiles assets via Yarn
  • Install an SSL Cert
  • Get the latest database from the remote (if not a new build)
  • Update database paths
  • Get uploads from the live site. (if not a new build)

I hope this helps.

Link to the repo

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