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Summon The JSON status update

As you may know for almost over two years I am working on a project called Summon The JSON. The project main goal is to create flashcards for programmers.

It started as a fun way to memorize Javascript. I have found a manufacturer that can handle printing flashcards in small quantities. I have also acquired fantasy illustrations to spice up things.

Than I have started the process of designing 65 cards that combine Javascript functions with fantasy creature.

I thought also it would be nice to be able to play the game like Stoneheart or Magic The Gathering. So I have added a game mode that can be played by up to four people with one deck.

I was considering at a time to start a Kickstarter or sell on Amazon. But both require too much time to set everything up. So I have created my own store.

Got first orders and amazing response from programming community. The community gave me also ideas for approximately thirty other decks they’d love to buy.

Up to this point I managed to create nine decks. For Javascript, Python, React, PHP, Java, C#, HTML, Typescript and C++.

Soon a deck for Git will also be released. A SQL deck is also on it’s way soon to be announced. Approximately I am able to release one deck per month because I do it after hours of my day job.

Now it is the time, when I want to go next level with the project. By the end of the year I want to sell six decks per day. That is 2190 decks per year.

It does not seem to be much. But when I meet that goal, I will be able to focus full time on this project and many, many ideas I want to realize to provide the community with fun ways to interact with programming and technology.

I have always relied on the community, and the community made it possible to go so far. So now, in the face of the new, exciting and ambitious goal I also turn myself to you.

If you find the project idea interesting, spread the word. I never thought I’ll go so far, and now I believe the dream may come true!

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