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Start Programming the Mind with WordPress

I am software engineer with some marketing and philosophical tendencies
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WordPress is a content management system used all around the Internet With the unconscious or the unconscious purpose of programming the mind. Professional individuals and non-technical users adopt it. It allows them to get things done. The purposes could go – from simple web site or blog, online shop/marketplace, to newsletter and media platforms, email and content marketing, and even, why not – back-end systems for web and mobile applications.

Who uses it?

More than one third of the Internet is on WordPress and you could too. I've compiled one small list with focus on my country - Bulgaria:

Marketing/Personal Development –
Marketing –
Marketing –
Programming –
Software – – SaaS
Influencer and Content Creator –
Blogging –
Media/entertainment/politics –
Media/entertainment –
Jobs Marketplace NobleHire /
Tech Newsletter
Web Sites – The Rolling Stones, Toyota Motors Brasil, Angry Birds, The White House also is WordPress web site with shop and a blog
Self Development (un Bulgarian Language:
This list could go endlessly.

Why you should use it too?

There is a thing that I’ve realized over the years – having a WordPress Site (or site on some other platform for fast content publishing) is a starting point. You’ll have a base ready to be published with very little, sometimes none technical investment. It is utility to:

  • Build a Static Web Site
  • Publish Articles in a Blog
  • Build or include an Online Shop

Marketing specialists could collect emails or something else of a enormous quantity and actually own the audience.
It allows you to extend your mind beyond thinking about software. Start thinking how to repackage your stuff in for the consumption of other people. The tricky part is the non-technical wrap-up.

If you look at WordPress from broader perspective it is the tool to do Mind Programming.

What words, colors and images to use to attract people?
How to actually persuade and accumulate some amount of the endless value measurement systems. The human society needs content so the mathematics [and demagogy] embedded in them could get attached to the thinking.

Politics is just one more area of the Western Society with enormous volume of content. Politicians and journalists do finger-pointing and battle of ideas and a Web-Site is ideal place to share one side of the opinions.
Media Platforms need a place with multiple editors – to channel information. WordPress or some other CMS is ideal.

How to Get Started?

Any big hosting provider has a WordPress installer that takes care of settings, configurations and updates. To you – it is just clicking next, next, next. If you don’t have money, the has a free plan – installed on a subdomain/name of the service. I’ve seen fake news sites using it this way.

And more crucial aspect is the ownership.

It is open source. You could download it on your computer and see it all. Replacing the platform is as easy as export and import to the new software.

You’ll own the content in the technical sense. You will be the Administrator.

The private online web-site platforms most likely offer what is most sellable or required by companies and it will come with a price. Choose WordPress (or other popular CMSes) and you’ll have the power to integrate 3rd party analytics, unusual visual designs, add custom code and so on.

How far have you’ve gone into the games of the programming of the humans? Legal levels, Finances, Fame and Influence? Or maybe some Real World Change?

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