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A Custom Domain in 4 lines of code

When clients ask me to add a vanity domain, I usually use their Cloud provider, which is ok but tends to be a little fiddly and not particularly cheap.

For a private project, I wanted a custom domain ASAP, for free. I think I found my simplest setup using Netlify rewrite rules. The beauty of Netlify is that it can sync with a git repository and so the only native tool you need is git.

So all I needed to do was commit the following netlify.toml to a Github and then deploy my custom domain from Github.

  status = 200
  from = "*"
  to = ""
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Setting up Netlify to handle a custom domain is one of the easiest processes, even if you register the domain elsewhere.

This 1 hour of work the first time you do it and less than 15 minutes of work going forward. Custom domains with SSL could not be easier.

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