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Tom Larkworthy
Tom Larkworthy

Posted on • Originally published at on Private Endpoints on Released! Private Endpoints Released is growing! We have added our first paid feature which will help support it long term. WEBCode is bootstrapped so this is a big milestone!

For those that do not know, allows you to run serverless compute workloads from within Observable notebooks. Until now, notebooks containing handlers had to be public so that WEBCode's compute layer could read the code. Not anymore!

We have added a new feature for Observable Team accounts that allows public access to serverless endpoints while keeping the source code private. We feel this feature best suits commercial teams, and thus, is a perfect fit for a paid tier. Find out more on the website or contact

For those that want to use WEBCode to build transparent open source services, they can continue do so at no charge.

As part of the work in providing a paid tier, we have updated the website significantly. You can also email me at!

Coming soon enables running HTTP services with excellent performance and observability from within a notebook. In the coming months we will demonstrate why this is an important primitive. is a connection technology for something larger, it enables completely self documenting projects to be bundled into a single encapsulated artifact. In the coming months the focus will be on delivering preconfigured artifacts you can one click fork to self-host and customize.

In our vision of the future, source level customization and self-hosting at the service level is a single click away. This is only possible when the backend and frontend + all the extras (documentation, monitoring) are a single forkable artifact, with are able to deliver this.

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