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New Twitch Recap: EV Routing Part 2!

In our longest stream ever, Jose and I showed off what goes into incorporating EV chargers along a route, and plotting your journey with charging stops! Find the full stream here, and a clip of the final routing process here.

Modeling an Audi E-Tron, we started by finding the car's specs, and starting with pre-set battery levels. At this point, we wanted to know things like the battery capacity, how much charge we want to start with, reach each stop with, and arrive with. In "regular" car terms, there's a difference between pulling into the gas station with 1/4 tank left and running on fumes! Choosing one method might lead to fewer road trip stops.

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An important part of this episode included accounting for each of our potential chargers on the road, knowing how fast they can charge our model of car, our car's specs, and then pulling that information all together to see which available chargers are along our route.

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Taken around the 18 minute mark, we explain this in laymen's terms a bit more as we chat.

This episode involved a lot of real-world debugging, and finally gave us a color-segmented route with markers to indicate each charging station.

From this, we could even add charging info to each stop, so we can know how long we would have to stay charging, and help us add up the grand total time of our road trip.

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Follow us on Twitch for our next episode on building a small service delivery app, and happy mapping!

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