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Toshita Singh πŸ’œ
Toshita Singh πŸ’œ

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Beginning your Web Development Journey? Useful roadmaps that I've come across!

Hey there! If you are in the situation where you have no idea how to get started on your development journey or which path you should follow for the same, then this post might be helpful for you (especially if you are a newbie).

Below are some articles/guides that gives you a clear idea about what to do, either when you are just starting out or when you have no idea what to
do next after learning a particular thing.

Note: You can choose any other paths that you like as long as it proves useful to you. I just happened to like these more :)

  • A month by month guide
    This article covers all the basic and important skills you need to learn
    before applying for the position of a junior developer.
    It also contain resources(mostly free) to get you started right away!

  • Get an idea visually
    This Github repository gives a solid visual guide covering almost everything that you should learn and in what order (Just scroll down to the section). You can also check out the upcoming roadmaps on their site.

  • Guide to the front end
    This guide mainly focuses on the front end development and provides resources for the same.

That was all for now. P.S. If you've got other useful guides or roadmaps, please do share them with me :)

Thank you And Happy CodingπŸ˜„!!

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McKenzie Scott

Hey Toshita - thanks for linking to Andrei's guide!

Considering you liked it, you might also like his new "The Real Web Developer Roadmap" and Python Developer Roadmap that he's releasing.

Part 1 of The Real Web Developer Roadmap is premiering on Youtube this Thursday (May 21) if you're interested in checking it out:

Let us know what you think if you tune in πŸ™Œ

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Madza • Edited

Nr.2 proves the irony, that the most important skill nowadays is to learn what not to learn.

itzhakfranco profile image

Helped me a lot. thanks! 😊

toshitasingh profile image
Toshita Singh πŸ’œ

Happy to help : )

code_regina profile image

This is a very informative post, thank you for outlining some guides to follow!

toshitasingh profile image
Toshita Singh πŸ’œ • Edited

Glad that you found it useful!