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A new beginning for me

So, I am starting my first "Real Project" tomorrow at Andela Nigeria. Up until now, It's been tutorials and dummy projects I work on and admire by myself 😂😂. I'll be using my blog posts to serve as a progress tracker. I'll document new thing I learn and I know looking back One year from today, I'll appreciate how far I've come. Two awesome people have really influenced my decision and I'll love to say Thank You! 🤝

The first person is

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for her awesome post.

This made me understand that even if I feel like I'm just beginning my journey, My experience is unique and there are some people who are presently at the stage I was about six months back when it was still about learning from a lot of tutorials and building as much "stupid" projects as possible just to make sure I get better. Thanks so much, Kim.

Secondly, thanks to

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for her awesome post and in that post, she talked about how blogging helps to reinforce learning or understanding of your chosen technology or tool and definitely a lot of other pieces of advice. I'll make sure I try as much as possible to put them into practice as I start this journey. Thanks, Helen.

Finally, I'll be working with Laravel, React and Redux on this new team. I'm pretty comfortable now with React and Redux but I learnt NodeJs when trying to understand how APIs work. Any resource you think would get me up to speed in building APIs with Laravel would be highly appreciated. Thanks so much guys. Much love from me to the family🙏.

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Helen Anderson

Good luck on your journey!

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Ibrahim Alausa

Thank you so much, Helen