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A month-long challenge for building Linux sysadmin skills

Are you interested in learning more about Linux? 🐧

If you are interested than I got some good news for you. The Linux command-line / sysadmin "challenge" course will start on Monday.

But what is this challenge? 🤔

It is a fully free and open-source course (it costs nothing but your time) where you can start learning about Linux or deepen your knowledge.

How is this structured?

Daily lessons will appear in the subreddit called r/linuxupskillchallenge from this coming Monday - which will also be used for support/discussion. Furthermore, it is a "rolling" course, which restarts every month.

What do I need to start? 💪

As I have mentioned above, the course is free, but it does require some commitment - but if gaining/growing these skills is important to you, then you now have no excuse.

I hope you will have fun while doing the challenge 🔥 🔥

If you want more write a comment and follow me, thanks!

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imrebalint17 profile image

Amazing, you started my Linux career. Thanks man!