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Twitter bots

I recently attended to a Twitter bot workshop hosted by Canek Zapata called "Jardín de Bots".

I had experience with bots before, following tutorials by Daniel Shiffman and another one with just images using Tumblr's queue and IFTTT.

OvvO bot it's also a Yen/No bot, you just have to mention it.
Ffffoundish_bot #ripFfffound

But this time it was a lot easier. We didn't have to apply for a Key on Twitter Devs or the use of the API and credentials.

We used Tracery and Cheap bots done quick

Tracery is a js library that let you combine group of strings in a controlled random way. You just have to fill with text the js object that is already arranged for you, so you just have to worry on the combination of those strings.

Then, when your bot's code is done, you go to cheapBotsDoneQuick to run it and post it. You can also set an automated posting and the use of images (hosted somewhere else).

It's definitely a cool way to make bots, it gives you a lot of choices, and it's excellent for people that are not very comfortable yet with code.

Oh! my new bot combines lyrics of Rosalía and C. Tangana in a sentence. Follow it here :)

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Any detailed explanation on how to use it after coding?. I am tried applying my self and that was one hell of a stress

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Wich one did you tried?