📈 I've open-sourced a simple Coronavirus (COVID-19) dashboard (React + Chart.js + BootstrapTable)

Oleksii Trekhleb on March 23, 2020

I've recently open-sourced a new 📈 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard which shows the dynamics (the curvature of the graph) of Сoronavirus distributi... [Read Full]
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I've got one too, It's a little on the minimal side of things though
Covid-19 Counter


Great work! Would love to share mine too, coronavirus-epidemic.com
(Should be pandemic though! ) You can also read about it here coronavirus-covid-19-dashboard-wit...


great work.

I have some questions

  • How did you get all those list of countries with the flag icons? did the icons come along with the api?
  • As i see it, it defaults the the viewer's country, how did you do that?
  • How do you sync the results in the background?


Hey @chan_austria777 ! Thank you for the feedback :) I created a post of my own with all the details - feel free to check it - coronavirus-covid-19-dashboard-wit...


This is so beautiful! Nice work!


Looks really pretty.
With Brave Browser the site didn't come up.
It works with Chrome instead.


I will definitely try on BB which i'm less familiar with.
Thank you for your comment!

I just tested it on BB, looks like its blocking for some security tracking reason (analytics/api) or because the name of the domain includes the word virus.. You can also check this link instead.

Thanks for your reply and the alternate link.


This is cool. What tools did you use to create this?

For backend I used TypeScript + Node.js, and for the frontend I used HTML, CSS, jQuery and lots of jQuery Plugins & Widgets


nice job! can you add a filter by continent? it's interesting expose the worst country of the continent by fatalities rate.

Thank you & this is a great idea :) !

You can get a more detailed view of corona here if you like: bing.com/covid

Can you tell if there's a free API to use with that?

Theres a json with all the informations inside - bing.com/covid/data
So you should be able to consume that data.
I don't know which restrictions exists.

Though this app (bing.com/covid) is UX/UI-friendly, data are outdated. Take caution when using it. At the moment I am writing this, The global situation is 1,503,900 confirmed from here but from their site.
Another test, the situation in the DRC is 207 from this other source but 180 from our beautiful bing.com.


Looks great! Just one tiny bug I found.. Pagination doesn't reset when searching.
e.g: Type "Tu" and it shows 4 results and "17" pages.


Thanks for reporting the bug! Do you mean that countries table height is not being changed when, let's say, it is only two countries found as a search result?

Sorry Oleksii! I meant to reply to only Sid's comment (I was referring to his app, not yours).
Your app works great btw, and I've already shared it :)


Oh thanks, Will be fixed today


Minimalistic but very nice, thanks for sharing.


Hi Siddharth, can you tell me how to get the data source?


the data source is a server that's scraping worldometers


Which API did you use?
Thanks in advance


It's a personal scraper that's reading data off of worldometer.info


Logarithmic scale for COVID-19 registered/recovered/deaths charts is now supported in the dashboard. Log scale makes it easier to compare the trends for countries with huge difference in absolute numbers.

📈 trekhleb.github.io/covid-19/

Log scale demo gif


Nice work Oleksi, however, you are actually log-transforming the values, and not using the log scale. In log scale, the values are spaced according to the logarithm, however they are still the original values. Read on the different approaches here: people.umass.edu/whopper/posts/log...
Your solution loses interpretability.


Thanks for reporting that! I've created an issue here github.com/trekhleb/covid-19/issue...


this is great, the subtle chart js animation on load make this look really slick without overshadowing the story the data is telling. and thanks for open sourcing this - i got this running v quickly on glitch at trekhleb-covid-19.glitch.me/ and i'm going to get it added to this collection of covid-19 related apps other folks have been making on glitch.


Thanks for sharing it, Jenn!


The charts are nice, but with spreading like with the corona virus, it would be helpful if the scale was logarithmic, since the spreading of the virus is logarithmic. It would be cool if you could toggle between logarithmic and linear


Very good idea, Patrick. I've created an issue for that github.com/trekhleb/covid-19/issue...


It's a really cool idea Oleksii, well done!

There's one thing I always think about seeing these numbers which is the percentage of cases according to the population of the countries. Because let's say 80.000 cases in China is very different from 80.000 cases in Italy, whose population is much, much less. So in my opinion, it would be a nice addition to see the percentages in the Bootstrap Table in a new column. Anyhow, good job and keep it up!


Very good idea Thomas! I've created another issue for that in Dashboard repo: github.com/trekhleb/covid-19/issue...


When comparing two countries, it would be nice if one of them could move to a secondary axis. That way we can compare the shape of the two, instead of the absolute numbers.

And additionally, adding a (negative) offset to one of the two would be awesome as well, so we can overlay them.


Thanks Stephan, that functionality might be useful!


Hello Oleksii, well done on building this. I haven't looked at the source.

My summary on this is we need more granular data on different pandemics and epidemics to let data experts on this site provide the results to people like you. Unfortunately the data this is based off of is from the WHO website - which is lacking granularity.

My major concern with Coronavirus is around the narrative being portrayed, the number of eminent epidemiologists who are stating things like; social distancing doesn't work, that the deaths are truly weighted towards vulnerable people, that the media puts out instances of outliers as major scare stories - i.e. a young woman who is healthy may succumb to Covid-19. Another suspicion I have is that the testing is different in different countries - I worked in a testing laboratory many years ago and there are different tests for the same virus. We may find certain tests being nothing more than generic tests for standard coronavirus or antibody presence. Notice how many famous people are testing positive but having mild symptoms and recovering almost immediately. More concerningly - Tom Hanks - as a diabetic he is in a higher risk and age group.

So, what we have is a lack of granular data. Am certain many data people on this website would agree, and I am seriously concerned from a libertarian perspective we are simply throwing away our liberty off of what is still a very low infection rate. There are always mis-classifications of morbidity in terms of dying "with" or "of" something.

Does it mean we shouldn't self-isolate or minimise contact? The first thing anybody will do is go on Google or Bing to find studies say. We know that Social Media giants are advised and proactive in trying to dispel bad science. If we look hard enough - we find a lot of studies into previous epidemics that counters what the official narrative is. The histograms does show significant numbers of experts questioning our approach.

So, what would be great is if we can get more insightful data on this. I plan to try and find some.

Many thanks.


Exactly. If you have any luck please let me know and I will do the same.


Should try SIR model for each country in order to see where we are in the SIR model graph and what to expect in the future, I mean the time where the infected people rate will start to decrease.

Just an idea.

Congrats and regards : D


Yeah, it would be really nice to implement some sort of a prognosis for that data.


what does "percentage increase" mean?


A measure of the increase in the number of cases in the last day compared to total cases.


Great job.

I am a bit curious, I have built also such an app (though I have not yet merged the last PR) using the same source. But I have some issues:

  • I can't find daily data from that source, how do you do to get them? This repo has many sources, I don't know which one is a good fit.
  • Info about US is put by state, this is not good for me. It would be ok to just have US displayed once. For that reason, I am thinking of switching to another API.

This is the link to the API I am using.


Hi Abel,
I guess the data that you might be interested in is in csse_covid_19_time_series folder. To display the aggregated data for US I believe you might want to sum up the data from each state.



I thank you so much for the link.
You're right about US data, I just thought of it after I have submitted my request.


Great work Oleksii !!
Any chance you can allow the Y-axis to be viewed per /100 000 inhabitants or (per 1million) for each country? I think it would be far more relevant than a comparison of the absolute number of cases.


Good suggestion! There is an issue reported for that already github.com/trekhleb/covid-19/issue...


Love it. Not that we need another one but I'm going to start work on my version of a dashboard. In such horrible circumstances like this pandemic it's amazing how it can be used a learning activity.

One question, did you consider using D3.js, I've looked at chart JS in the past and thought it was great but I hear D3 is more full featured?

Also, is there an API for this data? Or did you need to do some extra work? I had a brief look around the source you linked before couldn't find anything.


Yes, I've considered to use D3.js since I believe it is much more customisable and powerful. However I've switched to Chart.js for now just for simplicity reasons and deliver the chart faster. But in the future I believe D3 might be a very good option.

I've linked the datasource for the dashboard at the bottom of the page, it is "Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases, provided by JHU CSSE" (github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19)


Excellent job! I built a covid-19 dashboard last week, mainly for demo purposes:


I like your vision - country comparison is something I wanted to build, as well.

Why no JSX though?

I quickly had a look at the code because I was considering contributing a few features. But I wonder if the slightly unusual approach (no JSX) will put people off.


That's a good point! I like JSX and for "long-term", "big team", "complex" project would definitely go with JSX rather than with plain JS. The reason why I chose a plain JS at first is because I wanted the dashboard source-code to be dead-simple (one HTML file, one JS file and no NPM and compilers). But yeah, for now, while adding a new features I have some doubts about plain JS. But with current dashboard complexity I believe it is still bearable.


It would be nice to have the spread right along side the country name. I can't help with that though.


Yeah, I can't distinguish between the deaths and one country and deaths in another, though I happen to know that Italy has the most deaths. It would be helpful if different countries were colored differently. But this is cool!


The fix was made recently, so now when you select several countries the confirmed/recovered/deaths charts will have slightly different shades (for now 5 different shades for each chart are supported).

Btw that fix was made by the community. The power of open-source, so to say :)


Good one. Could use more analysis and charts. I made a dashboard too using Dash-Plotly in Python.
Check it out here COVID-19-VISUAL


nice job! this is my contribuition for Brazil mapacoronavirus.github.io Mapa do Coronavírus no Brasil


Great job!
I would like to share our simple Coronavirus API and embeddable web widgets.
After placing a widget on a website, it shows live statistics local to a visitor depending on one's location automatically.


Your work is really inspiring.
I am a beginner and here's a minimal dashboard created by me:


This is brilliant, thanks! I'm wondering, is there a simple way to show just the top 3 boxes? I'd like to embed the Confirmed / Recovered / Deaths counter for the US on a page.

So this URL: trekhleb.github.io/covid-19/?selec...

Basically this with your footer of course.

I poked around the code and didn't see an easy way not to display the graph, search / filter bar and the region list.

Any pointer would be greatly appreciated!


Hey Alex,
Unfortunately its not customisable at the moment.


Nice. I love the chart functionality.


The Chart functionality is very cool!


Manish, could you please clarify what do you mean by association with the open-source-ideas project?


Oleksii, I need few friends to join as backer or founding members for this project. Refine idea and structure. I am alone struggling with it

I hope you'll find someone who will help you with the project


Oleksii, Very good job !!

I would have liked to participate in a project as well done as this one. Thanks for making it open source.


Nice. Can you add death per million inhabitants?


This is a good point. There is an issue for that has been created github.com/trekhleb/covid-19/issue...


Nice work, @trekhleb ! If you're interested in alternate visualizations to incorporate, this Minute Physics video may be of interest: youtube.com/watch?v=54XLXg4fYsc


Thanks for the video, Chris!


Very nice tool.
It would be a good idea to add the filters in the url to be able to share the url with the filters.


That's a very good idea! I've already created an issue for that github.com/trekhleb/covid-19/issues/3


I've got mine as well. I thought of using charts but sadly I could not :(

COVID-19 web dashboard


I really like your way of handling this pandemic situation.
Nice work.


Great work Oleksii!
I added your dashboard in covid-19-coronavirus.tools, a web app create by me, with a curated list of dashboard and data about coronavirus disease. I hope you appreciate.


Thanks for sharing. Checking it out. I wonder which places do not have reported cases?


Yeah, for now the list contains only the countries with registered cases. Unfortunately it isn't possible to check it by means of the dashboard


No problem, enjoy "evolving" the dashboard.


hello! If you don't mind check this I worked on last night


I don't use React. How hard/easy is it in plain Javascript?


Once thing that might be hard to get used to is to have HTML inside JS. With JSX it looks more or less the same, but if you don't plan to use JSX, then React.createElement() (reactjs.org/docs/react-api.html#cr...) will become a new thing.


Great job! I love the fact that all known issues you suggested are already done!


Very nice UI, I focused more on the back end inspired to ramp up my front end after looking at yours covid-dashboard.herokuapp.com/


Whoops :)
There is an issue reported - github.com/trekhleb/covid-19/issues/4
Is this looks similar?


I really liked your UI, here is a simple version that I built using Spring Boot covid-dashboard.herokuapp.com/


Try out mine built using Spring boot with a simple UI using JSP covid-dashboard.herokuapp.com/


The logaritmic scale is working strangely


It is possible that there are bugs in the code. Feel free to create a bug report here github.com/trekhleb/covid-19/issues


Nicely done!

I also made my version using Vuejs only


Nice job !
A little bug however : the last point for every time series is missing on the chart compared to what is displayed in the top "current day" labels


I guess the latest point label is hidden, but the data is still displayed. I guess you may check it if you hover the very last point directly on the chart.

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