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Sometimes I see people use project and product manager interchangeably. If this is indeed the case right now, then yes. When I was a product manager, I was coordinating a bunch of things that mostly did not require a technical understanding of the product. On occasion, it was helpful that I understood how databases worked but most of the time it was gathering feedback, figuring out priorities, and trying to compromise between a bunch of stakeholders.


I did transition, started .. well 14 years ago with development and slowly transitioned to management more and more.

Now, imho, there's a big distinction between a manager / team lead, and a pure manager that has well, close to none experience in development. You will still be involved in technical decisions and application architecture, but you will need to 'catch up' on people skills.

The biggest thing that changes technical wise is that you have to live for a longer time with development decisions (frameworks, development patterns etc) and you need to take into consideration your team's expertise as well.


My life fluctuates unpredictably and uncontrollably between these roles and many others.

I think it's always good to be a student of each craft. Don't forget where you came from when you start getting used to the role you are currently playing.

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