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Bootcamp, how does it work?


I myself don't have a CS degree, but did a German Apprenticeship which teaches software development skills over 3 years.

Recently, I see more and more people going for something called a bootcamp. From what I understand, you go to some remote place for 3 months and only learn about coding for the entire time. And at the end you get to meet company representatives to get contacts to find a job afterwards.

Sounds cool! I think, with the right attitude and the right employer this can work. You need to have an employer who allows you to make mistakes, you wouldn't do with some experience otherwise. But also to learn some other CS fundamentals around the job. I believe that it can work and that you don't really need to have the CS degree. I mean I don't have it. 😅

The three months things makes me a bit sceptical and the promise of a job as well.

  • How good do bootcamp graduates feel prepared for a job?
  • Do bootcamp graduates get a bit help from the employer to deepen their knowledge?
  • What are the expectations from the employer side to a bootcamps graduate?
  • What is the biggest pitfall or misbelieve?

I'd be nice to hear some stories from both sides. Bootcamp graduates and employers.

Ah, and before I forget:

Just in case, I'm also looking for someone who would like to talk a bit about this topic in a German speaking podcast. The podcast is called: @codestammtisch. Just give us a heads up on twitter. :)

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Maximilian Koch

Just in case you're interested in that topic and are able to understand some German. We managed to find someone who wanted to talk about Bootcamps in our Podcast. In CST17, we talked with him about questions like:

  • How to finance?
  • Who should attend?
  • What is the general agenda during the bootcamp?
  • What happens afterwards?
  • etc.

Here is the link: