How do you deal with recruiters?

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Almost daily, I get LinkedIn notifications, of some recruiter who tells me "I have been reading your resume and I think you're a perfect fit" or "You're the one"-Messages. The thing is, and I believe that, that there are recruiters out there, who really care about good candidates. But most of the time, I get contact to subjects I don't really relate to. Something like, a C++ DEV position (I've never touched C++) or after moving company (and even moving countries ), they do contact me and try to convince me in their email that I would be a perfect fit. This is to some extend very upsetting, as they clearly just spam me... How do you deal with this kind of people? Just ignoring them?

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For LinkedIn I treat it this way:

  1. If someone sends me a direct invitation to connect without having ever contacted me via message or in person, I ignore it.
  2. If I get a message from a recruiter with spelling mistakes in my name or some obvious words, e.g. "JavaScrit", I ignore it.
  3. If I get a message which is clearly a template, I ignore it.
  4. If the recruiter sends me a message and the message seems genuine, then I will respond. These are generally the types of recruiters that you want to potentially work with.

In regards to point 4., if I'm currently employed, I'll respond to them as well with a kind word telling them thanks but the timing is not right.

I also just want to give a little perspective on all this.

I get inundated with invitations to connect, constantly receive job postings from recruiters as well and find it annoying sometimes too, but then I take a step back and really appreciate the fact that my skills are in high demand and that I can pick and choose what I'd like to do. Not everyone is in this situation, so consider yourself lucky. πŸ€ πŸ˜‰


If a message isn't relevant or if you're not interested, ignore it. This takes care of the majority of them.

If it is relevant, the next things you need to know are the company and the salary range. If these aren't in the original message, ask. Recruiters who won't tell you aren't worth working with.


A friend and I did record a podcast episode for this called 'Dear Recruiter'. Basically about our experiences with Recruiters and expectations towards them., if you speak German or want to learn it, here is the episode: Dear Recruiter


I used to own the domain, which I used exclusively for email to recruiters. It's the little details that make life sweet.

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