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IntelliJ or Eclipse?

Maximilian Koch
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Ivan Šarić

Big fan of IntelliJ - I use it whenever I can. However, in my current position the main project is built with the Eclipse Scout framework and IntelliJ currently does not support it. In general it's not very good with Eclipse RCP and OSGi type projects. Thankfully, I have some small service and batch projects which do not use said frameworks so I get to use IntelliJ there.

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Alexandru Bucur

I'd say 100% intelliJ. I love open source software, but in this case after working with eclipse for some side project work on small java projects, and a lot of work with PDT , Aptana and Zend for PHP for me at least it's IntelliJ / PHPstorm all the way.

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Matteo Joliveau

Also, technically IntelliJ Community IS open source

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Anand Tyagi

Intellij all the way! Eclipse is such a pain in the ass.

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(((Florian Schätz)))

Personally, I am currently using Eclipse. The reason is not, that I believe it to be the better IDE, but simply that I am used to it and didn't have time to get used to IntelliJ yet. But since I'm switing to a new computer anyway, I will probably try to use IntelliJ there, since most of my colleagues agree that it's better than Eclipse for many tasks.

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Raúl Villalba medina

The important thing is to learn to use both in an advanced way. If you do not take advantage of everything that an ide like Idea or Eclipse offers, better get developed in Notepad