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Software Engineering is a Total Trip

Software engineering can be really annoying at times but it is also hilarious and super intellectually challenging. I just switched Dev groups in my company. I worked on an internal Data Deletion GDPR service for almost 2.5 years. The project went nowhere and nobody actually wanted it. Requirements were vague. Devs and PMs left the project left and right. Yet the project lives on because some VP wants it to. IMHO, it is a huge waste of valuable developer time.

But despite all of that I loved the daily hilarity of working on a doomed project with so many outstanding Devs on it. From a technical standpoint I wrote the most complex C# API automation code ever. For example, automating APIs that accept two totally different types of JWTs and having to update a database during tests to accelerate background processes. Great challenging stuff. Bittersweet describes my feelings leaving a team of great people and even this project. Even though being a Dev is frustrating at times it's also awesome. We are blessed to have a career that is challenging, constantly amusing, and financially rewarding.

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Andrew Baisden

Yeah no kidding its so full of drama and challenges.

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Amen , especially in this challenging economy

keep on devin'! :)