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Laravue core - a Laravel package to build a beautiful dashboard

Tuan Duong
I'm a PHP coder who wants to make PHP great again!
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Laravue core


Last month, I introduced our Laravue project which is to build an administrative interface for Laravel using VueJS in this post, the development progress is quite good and we have some beta releases last weeks. However, Laravue is positioned as an enterprise dashboard solution which is not suitable to use for existing projects. Today I would like to introduce Laravue core - a Laravel package which provides all core functionalities for Laravue and easy to integrate to any Laravel projects.


Getting started

Laravue-core provides a useful command that will set up everything, just get the tuandm/laravue-core package with composer, type php artisan laravue:setup then continue with the prompt - very easy.

Laravue setup

Please refer to the installation guide for more detail

Next steps

  • We will try to release new version for Lumen - it is very attractive.
  • Tests system is under development - we want to cover this library as much as possible
  • Documentation will be released shortly - including components manual and development guidelines.
  • We will add useful Laravel packages such as spatie/laravel-permission or CRUD support.

I hope this package will help you in building a beautiful admin UI for your Laravel projects. I greatly appreciate any feedback, comments, suggestions and even stars,... they absolutely make me and this library better. Thank you.

Discussion (5)

feller23 profile image
Abdoulie Feller Nyang • Edited

Thanks for sharing the Dashboard Module , GREAT WORK but i had an issue with it,after Adding Laravue-core to my already existing laravel Application. Serving any page in my app gives me a blank white screen even after turning on debug on app.php.

dendihandian profile image
Dendi Handian

same here, maybe we need an example of our first landing page of laravue admin page.

mgdracon profile image

Thank you for sharing this package publicly, great work, I will try implement it in my project. But I use for authentication spatie/laravel-permission package so I need to spend some time to integrate your code with my project.
Do you can say, approximately, when you can share with code or tutorial how to integrate your code with Laravel 5.8 with roles from spatie/laravel-permission?

tuandm profile image
Tuan Duong Author

Hi @MGDragon:
sparie/laravel-permission has been integrated to laravue (, please check the demo here:

waseidel profile image

Hi I'm new to Laravel and Vue, when will you have ready de Docs, it's a little tricky for me all the route system and will be usefull the documentation. By the way: thanks for sharing