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Running React Native iOS Device with Hot Reload and Reactotron

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First, start the develop server on your terminal:

yarn start
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Now, open the ios folder on XCode:

xed ios
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Connect your iOS device with a USB cable, and choose then on XCode:

You need to enable Develop mode

XCode select device

Now, click on your Scheme and choose "Edit Scheme":

Editing Scheme in XCode

In the "Run" option, change the Build Configuration to Debug:

Editing scheme in XCode

Now, run the project.

Maybe you will be asked to unlock your device to install the application.

Now, on your Mac/Hackintosh 😁 go to Settings > Network.
In "Other services" click on your iOS device and in Details.

Macos Network Settings

Uncheck the Disable unless needed option and hit Ok:

iOS Device in Network Settings

Now go back to the Network menu, and choose the device, you will see some like this:

Macos Network Settings

Copy the IP address, go to Reactotron config, and add the host option with this IP:

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When the application is running, shake your device to open the React Native Debug Menu

If you can't shake it, check this

On the menu, choose the option Configure Bundler, in the first modal input, put the IP, and hit Apply Changes (the other inputs will be the default).

The application will load the bundle and all should work now!

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Arthur Annibal Tavares

Nice now i just need an iphone haha