Flutter and Laravel Integration

tunnandaaung profile image Tun Nanda Aung ・1 min read

Hello everyone, I've created a flutter app with an API written in Laravel. I've used BLoC for state management in flutter and sanctum as a token-based authentication provider. I hope it will be a good example for those who want to try Laravel and flutter integration.

The original Laravel app is from this amazing series at Laracasts. But, I've added many new features and functionalities.

Laravel backend API - https://github.com/tunnandaaung/tweety
Flutter App - https://github.com/tunnandaaung/tweety-mobile



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Thanks for sharing!


I am into laravel, then started learning flutter and now while trying to make them work together I found this post. Thanks for sharing this, it looks awesome .


You just read my mind. I started learning flutter this week. Thanks for this example. Hope you don't mind silly questions.
I tried to install into my laragon, but failed. Opened an Issue.


Hello, I'm really interested in this project.
Will you teach me kindly?


I am still learning as well. But I will help you as much as I can 😄.


I will appreciate


I have been doing Laravel but I have not touched flutter yet...