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Learn Python Using SoloLearn

What is sololearn?

Sololearn has one of the world's largest community of people learning how to code. With over 25 programming courses, choose from thousands of topics to learn how to code. These programming languages include: Python, Java, Kotlin, Javascript, C#, C++, C, Go, Swift, SQL, R, React, HTML, CSS, PHP and more yet to come.

Sololearn Python Courses

In sololearn, there are a number of courses to choose from such as finance and data analysis. For today, we will focus on the general courses namely:

  1. - Python for beginners
  2. - Intermediate python
  3. - Python Core

How to effectively learn python:

1. Python for beginners

Start with python beginners especially if you are new. If you fail to understand a specific topic then search on stack overflow or w3school. Even if you’ve already learnt some aspects of python I’d still recommend because some lessons may be essential when completing intermediate python. During this course interchanging between w3schools and Sololearn would be really helpful since one website teaches something the other doesn’t and vice versa.

2. Intermediate Python

Okay so if you have an overall foundation of Python for beginners you might think you are really ready for intermediate, you even got your first certificate from Sololearn which is totally acceptable by other organisations :) hopefully…

Well here’s the thing, it gets harder. The beginning of intermediate will test your understanding of python from what you learnt in Python. I’d recommend you really understand what you’ve learnt and try answering without using answer sheets or else you’ll have 0 knowledge at this point. I hope you haven’t used leaks in the first course as well or you are done for.

Ok now you’ve probably gone through so much distress and pain and suffering from this course but as you progress you’ll slowly grasp the knowledge of python and probably open up your mind to more possibilities, this is great! When you reach the functional programming module of the course, I’d recommend you go through python core at a slow but timely pace while completing your intermediate course. This is because you may or may not have forgotten some aspects of python for beginners but it’s good to recall and remember what you have learnt.

If you do not have premium you must have noticed those “purple blocks” to pay for exercises for free, you earn them by completing lessons and completing the major code problems at the end of each module. Use them even in python for beginners but be responsible and use wisely, some exercises wouldn’t be necessary especially the ones in python core.

Cya on the next article!

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Ioannis Gyftakis
turry profile image

True, codecademy is really good. I might make an article for it as well. This is my first article so thanks for reading it! 😅

hyperloop profile image

Sololearn is amazing, I learned a good lot of python there too.