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Just Keep Swimming

In my desire to commit to 100 days of code, it was more a desire to actually do something for 100 days in a row that contributed to my skill building, and 100 days of code, seemed like a noble goal. It was not to build, or spend 'X' amount of time doing a particular task, just to be consistent.

I'm not consistent, but I know that when I am, I am more successful. However, this desire for commitment, more specifically setting this goal of 100 days of code, has caused me to stall and stall early. I missed one day, two days, wrote about it, but didn't do anything else... here I am a week plus and no further progress. It's self defeating. Do I mark day one... do I throw in the whole dang towel... do I just keep pushing on, ignoring the lack of progress?

Today... I'll move on. No need to concede failure. I'll make some progress.
GIF from Little Nemo - Dory telling Nemo, "Just Keep Swimming"

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Ben Lovy • Edited

This is the trouble I have with these streak challenges. If I slip up, and I inevitably do, I feel like ive nullified the whole exercise and it's really hard to hop back on. Especially when it's "write code" - that's so incredibly general.

That's why I dont really do them - if I'm coding throughout the week, I'm happy. Sometimes days get missed, but it's not devastating anymore.