Compete For Glory In An IoT Tug-Of-War!

dkundel profile image Dominik Kundel ・1 min read

NomNom the Roomba was born in July 2020. A series 585 Roomba, NomNom never goes anywhere without its external microcontroller and Twilio Super SIM. Its favorite activities are wearing fancy hats and eating confetti.


Compete for glory in an IoT tug-of-war! Direct NomNom the Roomba to vacuum up your team’s confetti first. The winning team goes down in history as NomNom’s Most Favorite CodeLanders.

If you want to learn more about how we built this, check out the GitHub repository of the project.

GitHub logo dkundel / remote-controlled-roomba

Code of the Break Activity at CodeLand 2020 that allowed participants to remote control a Roomba


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This must have been such a fun project!

House work would definitely be more entertaining if it was a battle for dust 😄


Yeah, Blue team represent. Yeaaaaahhhhh👏🔥


I just want want the permanent record to reflect my participation on the winning team, TEAM BLUE 💙


Thank you everyone for participating!


Red or Blue? Who will be the winner? Let's Goooo!