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8 Teaching Fundamentals I have learned From My Dad Who is a Teacher.

What You do as a Teacher when you teach others.

1- Students Learn Differently

Worksheets work well for students who absorb knowledge visually, but for a child who needs to hear the information in order to grasp it, traditional methods of teaching force him or her to use a physical sense that is not as well-developed.

A visual learner doesn’t have the same opportunity to stretch his or her other senses. If a teacher comes to the classroom with the basic knowledge that students learn differently, they will be better equipped to arrange the lessons in such a way that all senses are activated.

2- Use It Or Lose It

  • Using information is how it becomes knowledge.

  • Revising knowledge over a lifetime is how it becomes wisdom.

3- Make It Relevant

  • Information is only stored permanently when it relates to day-to-day living.

For example, math concepts must be reinforced in real-life examples or the student will have no reason to absorb the information beyond the exam.

4- Failure Is a Real Teacher

  • People learn from failure.

  • Failure teaches even better than a perfect score on a test.

5- Define Learning Ways

The word “learn” has various definitions.

Acquiring facts or procedures
Understanding reality
Making sense of the world

6- Care For Introverts

  • It’s easy to assume that “group work” is always the best approach. That students who raise their hands are attentive. And that students who prefer to work alone are loners. All of which, are not necessarily true.

7- Let Them Teach

  • One of the most effective methods for absorbing knowledge is to teach the knowledge back to another.

8- Teach How To Learn

  • Learning is an abstract concept for many. By helping students understand the art of learning, the techniques of learning, as well as the different learning styles, they will be empowered by the process.

  • Students who understand how to learn will have more patience with themselves and others as they grasp new material.

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