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Common issues you should improve in your resume ✍

I reviewed lots of resumes for the last two months πŸ†

As we were hiring.

Some common issues I found πŸ‘‡

Alt Text

Don’t make your resume too long.

-Recruiters/Interviewers are busy with their daily coding issues while they need to take the interview as well and reviewing dozens of resumes at any given time.

-They don’t have the time to read all lengthy resumes.

-A two-page resume is fine

Stay consistent in formatting/font.

-Try to pick one font and make sure you use it throughout the entire document.

-Use bullet points, but only use one type.

-Make sure your text spacing is consistent.

-Commit to a consistent comma strategy.

Talk more about your achievements.

-Highlight How You Impacted Success

-Quantify Your Accomplishments

-Include Action Words

-Qualify Your Accomplishments

Use a resume template that stands out from the crowd.

-Use a professional design.

-Stick to a one-column template.

-Order each section strategically.

-Can use Canva as well

πŸ† One of my favorites website for resume πŸ‘‡

Check out this πŸ‘‰ VisualCV

At last, don't be a prisoner of your past resume.

The interviewer want a candidate who brings value today.

They are interested in your future plans, how quickly & effectively you can change the game.

Stay relevant todayβœ”

Hope you like this oneπŸ’™

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