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Ankur Tyagi
Ankur Tyagi

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Tweet Hunter- The Ecosystem to Tweet & Make Money.

This week, I got a chance to explore Tweet Hunter- a “million tweet library”. And what I found was that 99% of people are trying to make money off Twitter the wrong way.

And It's costing them a lot of money?

A proper Twitter monetization machine requires 2 things: Traffic and offers.

Traffic to make sure people see and offers to make sure people buy. Simple as that.

Meaning Tweet Hunter doesn’t just give you eyes and dollars.
It also gives you the option to pay absolutely nothing if you don’t get more of those within a week.

What is Tweet Hunter?

Your personal virtual Twitter assistant.

In simpler terms, With "Tweet Hunter" it's easy for anyone to grow a high-quality Twitter audience.

Moreover, Tweet Hunter lets you build a Twitter audience that gets you users, subscribers, clients, and long-lasting relationships, respectively.


Here Are All The Reasons Why I'm Interested:

  • I can look up any topic and get new ideas.


  • It helps me to inspire by formats being leveraged by others in my niche.


  • It helps me to create more consistent content on daily basis.


  • It helps me to tweet the right way with the right content & it saves a lot of my time.


Let's See What Tweet Hunter Can Do For You To Generate Tweets:

  1. Tweet Inspirations For You (AI engine select these for you based on your Twitter account.)

  2. Search for any topic and find viral tweets to get inspired by.

  3. AI-generated Tweets for you.

  4. Your Tweet Variations

  5. All your collections

  6. Excellent collections of tweets by staff for you.

Tweet Inspirations For You

Their AI engine generates the best tweets for you based on your Twitter account.
Keeping your BIO & Old Feed into account.

Search For Any Topic & Find Viral Tweets To Get Inspired By.

Search for any topic & see old viral tweets of big accounts to get inspiration:

  • Startup
  • Marketing
  • JavaScript
  • SEO
  • Open Source
  • Web 3.0

Let's See How To Plan Your Feed While Using Tweet Hunter:

Feed Tab


Evergreen Tab

The evergreen tweet tab lets you choose some of your best tweets that will be automatically retweeted based on your evergreen schedule.


Let's See How To Engage With People In Tweet Hunter Dashboard:

This is the most loved feature I personally like about Magical Tweet Hunter.

Create a list of your people & engage (by people):

You can make a list of your favorite Twitter accounts & can engage here within the web app.

No RTs, no replies. Add people to engage with or search for keywords to find tweets.

You get one checkbox to auto-like while replying.


Search tweets by keywords & engage (by keywords):


Let's See How Tweet Hunter Helps You Creating Epic Threads:

Thread Idea Generator

Search a topic and it will generate thread ideas for you.


Thread Hook Generator

Search a topic and it will generate Thread Hooks for you.


Stuck on an idea of what to tweet? TweetHunter's got you covered.

Let's See How To Get Help To Grow Your Twitter Account & Best Out Of Resources Available:

It’s just easier.

If you’d like to make more money and get more traffic to your page…
… Or pay nothing, click here

That was it for this blog.

I hope you learned something new today.

If you did, please like/share so that it reaches others as well.

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