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Tyler Warnock
Tyler Warnock

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Introspect navbar, Visualize hero | Module Monday 76

Mods for any site

Mods are open source and can be used on any website, web app, or anywhere else. There are hundreds more like these built & shared on AnyMod.

Click a mod to see it along with its source code.

Introspect navbar

Easy-to-add responsive navbar that you can use and reuse.
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Visualize hero section

Gradient background intro section with links and image.
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Twitter follow button

The official Twitter follow button, but even easier to use.
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Hugrid gallery

A grid-based image gallery. Add to your site and upload your images easily.
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Bokeh background

Pre-styled card with swirling bokeh blobs.
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I post new mods from the community here every (Module) Monday -- I hope you find them useful!

Happy coding ✌️

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