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The History of FireTest - A New PHP Test Automation Framework

joshualjohnson profile image Joshua Johnson Originally published at ua1.us on ・2 min read

UA1 Labs has officially released version 2.0.0 of FireTest. But why are we so focused on building yet another testing framework when there are so many already out there?

What Exactly is FireTest?

FireTest is a PHP test automation framework that allows you to automate tests as you write code. It was written in PHP for testing PHP code.

Why Did You Write Your Own Test Automation Framework?

For us the answer was simple, we looked into the many testing frameworks written for PHP and weren’t quite satisfied with what we were seeing. We wanted a light weight and flexible framework that wouldn’t get in the way of our workflow. We wanted to ensure that when we ran our automated tests that the results were valuable to us in catching bugs.

Most of the frameworks we looked at were so focused on code coverage, unit testing, CAP score. They missed out on the important thing. Does the code I’m writing still do what I want it to? And if we find a bug, how can I write a test so that the same bug doesn’t happen again. All other frameworks we worked with didn’t provide the flexibility we were looking for.

So we invented FireTest! We admit, it seems primitive in nature compared to the other popular testing frameworks, but we feel like we needed to get back to basics. Stop bloating our testing to reduce the complexity of the code you are writing. Instead we wanted to focus on simplicity and ease of use.

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