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The newest Docker VS Code extension feature you’re not using

As Docker usage has grown, Docker Compose has become the leader in running multi-service applications locally. Unfortunately, as your application expands and more services must communicate, we’ve found authoring these Compose files can become arduous, time consuming, and mistake prone. We want to make writing Compose files with volumes, ports, and multiple services much easier. 

Today, we’d like to announce the Docker Compose Language Service in the Docker Extension for VS Code. That’s right, the Docker Extension will now provide Docker Compose files with IntelliSense, Tooltips, and syntax validation. Here are a few of the incoming features in our 1.18 release: 

  • IntelliSense tab completions (i.e. volumes, ports)

Gif showing tab completions

  • Tooltips for Compose keywords (i.e. services, image)

Gif showing a tooltip from hovering

  • Right-click to format a Compose file (Shift + Alt + F) 
  • YAML Syntax Validation 
  • Hyperlinks for Docker Images 

In our 1.18 release, this feature will be on by default, so we hope you enjoy it!

There are more improvements to come! Stay tuned for these features:

  • More tab completions
  • Docker Compose schema validation 
  • … and much more! 

We love your feedback! If you have any comments or ideas on our Compose language support, feel free to submit an issue to the Compose Language Service Repo or the VS Code Docker Repo for general feedback. 

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Alex Weininger

Congrats Brandon and Uche and team!

uche_nkadi profile image
Uche Nkadi

Thanks so much! Brandon did an amazing job :D