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Uclusion React code now public

In order to help with the learning curve in React, Uclusion uclusion_web_ui is now public with a Readme to many articles on Dev.To explaining its code.

I've been searching for a while now and am unable to find anything like this:

  1. Public UI for a large recently launched React application that you can log in for free and use
  2. Explained point by point with blogs and we are happy to add more if you request

Mattermost was the closest I was able to find and until their cloud beta finishes you have to setup a server to run them. With a Github or Google identity you are one click away from running Uclusion (and with any email several clicks) - no credit card required.

If you are new to React or even front end development in general then this repo and accompanying blogs are the resource I wish I had a couple of years ago. At the time we used Tarik Huber's excellent React Most Wanted which I also recommend but its no substitute for access to documented, easy to run, production level code.

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