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How to convert any existing website into a mobile app

Today we will discuss how to convert a website into a mobile app and here mobile app doesn't mean that it is only Android or iOS. We will be discussing cross-platform mobile apps and this app will run on both Android and iOS using the same code. You don’t have to code both apps separately. Also, you can build an iOS app without any macOS device.

So for this post, we have chosen the WebOS app template. WebOS app template is a mobile app template that allows us to easily convert an existing website into a cross-platform mobile app and not only that it has some amazing features too (one-click push notifications, Google Admob support, FaceBook Audience Network support, etc).

Who can use WebOS app template for their site?
Well, WebOS app template is for anyone who wants to:
Grow his brand or,
Have a PWA website or,
Grow daily page views or,
Earn more from app Monetization

What technology doess WebOS app template use?
WebOS app template uses the latest version of React Native and Expo.

The fun fact about WebOS app template is that anyone who doesn’t know React Native and Expo can also use it as no coding experience is required. You just have to simply edit clues from the JSON file to make your app ready to launch. And their documentation is also awesome and easy to understand. Anybody who knows English can understand their documentation.

And to build an app you will be needing only a device that will allow you to edit the code.

Just there is only one con of this WebOS app template and this is that WebOS app template is not OpenSource and you need to buy it from CodeCanyon.

But if we see it has more pros than it cons and also the developers are very friendly and helped me whenever I was facing any issue. So, you can also give it a try to convert your existing website into a cross-platform mobile app using it and if this post helps you to convert your website into an app don't forget to share your app link in the comment section.

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