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UI Architecture Conf coming in April!

UIArchConf is a unique conference and training event for those who work as UI Architects, or are looking to become a UI Architect. What's a UI Architect? Come to the event and learn from other UI Architects! The event is on April 1-3, in New Orleans.

The conference will explore the various aspects of UI Architecture and the role of the UI Architect, and the massive role a UI architect plays in an organization. From traditional "architect" tasks such as defining coding standards, to UX standardization, ensuring accessibility as a forethought and not an afterthought, the UI Architect wears many hats, and is a leader within their company championing the user interface.

If you are a Design, UX, User Experience, or Front-End developer/engineer, you can benefit both your company and your career by attending UIArchConf. You might already spend some of your time doing the things a UI Architect does! You will learn from your community experts who are currently in this role, or are playing a similar role.

We'll have two keynotes to start and end the day:

Scott Hanselman is no stranger to front-end development. He will bring his experience and share his thoughts on UI Architecture.

Scott Davis Is the Chief UI Architect at Thoughtworks. He will share how how Thoughtworks approaches UI Architecture as a company.

Still trying to figure out what UI Architecture means? Check out these videos:
Laurie Barth on UI Architecture
Scott Davis on the origin of UI Architecture
Jonathan Creamer talks about DivOps at EventBrite Engineering

Check out the rest of the presentations at the website, and see you in the Big Easy in the first week of April!

Also, a mini-event before UIArchConf starts, Web Accessibility Conf, focuses on the fundamentals that Web developers need to know to build accessible websites. If you're interested in this topic, we encourage you to check out the website.

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pratik patel

Looks like a great event!