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🙈 "youtube.com" is down - proving it with UI testing!

picocreator profile image Eugene Cheah Updated on ãƒģ1 min read

Was goofing off at work watching youtube, until it started failing on me.

Thought it was wifi until I checked using a public UI test script on it.

You tube test script

Feel free to run the test multiple times here : https://snippet.uilicious.com/test/public/RuGwPjbwFX1QU5EVhvNHZu - hopefully this does not make me go down next 😂

So #hugops, cheer on the SRE engineers who is rushing to fix it. Keeping things working 24/7 is hard work after all.

And definitely, definitely do not call the police.

Its only youtube, not the end of the world (yet)

Update : Oct 17 - 7:46 PST time

~ Cheers

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So you watch LTT too. Man of culture.


😂 lucky for me then, i could remain cultured with a float 🛩ī¸