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8 Node.js Projects To Keep An Eye On 2021

1. Cytoscape.js


Website ->

An open-source JavaScript library used for visualization and graph analysis which comes with rich and interactive implementation. It includes all out-of-the-box gestures which include box selection, panning,pinch-to-zoom, and so on.

Cytoscape could be used on Node.js to perform graph analysis on a web server or in the terminal. Developers moving toward data science in their interest can choose Cytoscape as a good choice, also it has a wonderful contribution guide with documentation.

2. PDFKit

Website ->

Very useful PDF generation library for nodes which helps in building and downloading complex PDFs, also it supports text and font embedding, annotations, vector graphics. However, the project has no extensive documentation which makes it harder to contribute to it.

3. Socket.IO


Website ->

Bi-directional, real-time event-based communication and works on every browser device with equal focus on speed. A basic chat app is an example of two-way communication that the tool provides.

A new message is received by the server then it sends it to the client and notifies them bypassing the need to send a request between the client and the server.

Comes With Useful Features:

Binary Streaming

Analytics in real-time

Document Collaboration

4. Strapi


Website ->

An open-source content management system which a backend only system that provides functions to use with RESTful APIs, the main aim to get and deliver content across all devices structurally.

Comes with plenty of features, includes an inbuilt email system, file upload, and JSON Web Token authentication. The content structure is created via Strapi which is very flexible and lets you create content groups and customizable APIs.

5. Nest


Website ->

Nest is a popular progressive framework for creating efficient and scalable server-side apps. Uses TypeScript for combing functional and object-oriented programming elements & uses Express under the hood. This tool provides true flexibility by letting you use and libraries, thanks to its modular architecture.

6. Date-fns


Website ->

Still, the most consistent and simple set of tools to manipulate JavaScript dates in Node.js and a browser and works well with modern module bundlers like, Browserify,webpack, and Rollup. With amazing community support, the tool has dozen of locales where each function has a detailed description along with examples.

7. SheetJS


Website ->

A Node.js library that allows you to manipulate spreadsheets in Excel and a lot of other things with Excel, for example, exporting workbooks from scratch and converting HTML tables, JSON arrays into xlsx files that are downloadable. Comes with a big community and a well-documented contribution guide.

8. Express.js


Website ->

One of the most popular Node.js open-source project that offers immense value because of its efficient HTTP request and even working with JavaScript, a server-side language and out of browser.

A very helpful tool to accomplishing speed and security in applications.

Essential Features:

  1. Different extensions and plugin support

  2. URL-based routing mechanism uses HTTP methods

  3. Seamless database integration

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