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Coding and What ?

Coding involves problem-solving, decision-making etc what do you guys love doing along with coding which helps you to keep your workflow smooth and help your mind relax?
For me, music does the job.

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Definitely music. If I'm solving a particularly tough problem, I'll put on an instrumental only playlist, which is mainly scores from movies and stuff.

Also, semi-frequent breaks. Get up and walk around, refill the water bottle.

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Alain Van Hout • Edited

It might seem self-contradictory, but when it comes to feeling productive in my software development workflow, what does it most for me is team work. That includes pair programming but also more infrequent ad hoc discussion.

I say 'self-constradictory' because that might sound like it would continuously break your coding flow, but software development is more than typing on a keyboard, and over longer stretches of time I feel am more productive if I can add the same functionality with less code logic rather than by quicker ininterrupted typing.