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Roadmap To Become A Flutter Developer

1) Learn Basic of Dart

2) Choice IDE( Android Studio, Vs code)

3) Learn about widgets and makes the UI of the app.

Explore material, Cupertino, Stateless Widget, Statefulll widget, Containers.

4) Work on assets in flutter and upload images from the assets folder and from the network.

5) Learn Static user interference ( Row, Column, Stack, Expanded, Constraint Box).

6) Learn Dynamic user interference (Listview, Gridview)

7) Make some animation.For animation use (AnimatedWidget,AnimatedBuilder,AnimationController,CurvedAnimation,Hero,Transform).

8) Use 3rd party libraries. (HTTP,SQfLite,cached_network_image).

9) Learn about Behavior Components. (Permission,

Local Notification, Push Notification)

10) Use State management (Provider,BLoC,Getx)

11) Use Firebase for the Storage(Firebase Auth, Firebase database, Firebase Storage, Firebase Messaging).

And the last thing.

Make Some Projects on flutter Keep Learning and try to improve your code.

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